« Thank you for your support »

A child’s pain was reduced, a family ate well, a mother worried a bit less, and in some cases a child was saved of an epileptic fit and maybe something more serious…

All of this would not have been possible without your support. Thank you
for keeping these children and people who have a lot less than before,
impacted by the lock down in your hearts and contributing generously in
these times that have troubled everyone in some way or the other. Here
is what some of them have to say to you :

« Usually epileptic medicines are provided free for us in the General Hospital but with the lockdown we could not reach the hospital. I was worried as one day of medication missed would mean serious seizures for my son. Thankfully Satya’s Angels came with enough medicines that we could use for the entire month. This support was god sent. »
Mother of child with disability

« I live in the rural village where I can only access provisions and vegetables if I go to work that day… there is no daily work these days and I was worried about how I would feed the family. The survival kit from Satya is a boon to families who are dependent on our daily wages earnings for our basic needs. God bless you all !! « 
Single mother from a marginalized community

« The lady was so touched when I delivered the medicines that she started to cry and tried to touch my feet.. I was almost embarrassed… that is when I realized of m how important the work we are doing was ! »
Project Coordinator – Satya Special School

5 portraits pour aider des enfants

Nous sommes ravis de partager avec vous 5 portraits d’enfants évoluant dans les organisations soutenues par l’association et nés d’une rencontre amicale et artistique avec Maxime SEGURINI et de Laetitia GUEZENNEC – bénévole et membre de l’association pour créer ces 5 portraits d’enfants en risographie, format 50×40 cm.

Les portraits ont été tirés à 30 exemplaires, ils sont tous signés et numérotés.

La vente des portraits – 50€ pièce + frais d’envoi – est destinée à la récolte de fonds pour soutenir nos partenaires à Pondichéry.

Pour tout renseignement ou commande n’hésiter pas à nous écrire.