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SATYA SPECIAL SCHOOL is a non profit, voluntary organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The school was started in June 2003 with 40 special children with various mental disabilities, like Autism, Down’s syndrome, Mental Retardation, Learning difficulties and multiple disabilities.

Objectives of the school

1- Provide educational and vocational training to mentally challenged children

2- Individualized training based on periodic psychological assessments

3- Emphasis is on providing specialities training so that the children can come into the main stream of society

4- Provide specialized care & training for children with leaning difficulties which could help them attend normal schools

5- Provide professional guidance and parental counselling to help rehabilitate the mentally challenged

6- Assist parents in their training the children at their homes through parent discussions and counselling

How SATYA is different

Unlike other schools for special children, SATYA believes in catering to the individuals needs of the child. Each child is assessed according to their individual and psychological capabilities and training is provided based on their needs. The children are grouped as Vocational, academic and care and management group.

Regular assessments are done to evaluate the progress made by each child and accordingly their training is imparted. the school has specialized trained staff who understand and teach these special children.

Care and management group

Children who can neither do vocational activities or academics are classified under the management and care group. The children are taught alphabets, numbers etc using specially made wooden toys.

Music and dance therapy

Researchers have identified that Music and Dance can be a useful tool for developingmotor skills for the mentally challenged children. Music and dance form part of the regular curriculum and children undergo 5 hours of this therapy every week.

Vocational training

Based on the individual capabilities the children are trained to do the following: embroidery, tailoring-bag making, greeting card making, mat making, glass painting, pot paintng etc.

The main aim of providing vocational training is to not only identify the capabilities of the child but also provide them with a means of employment.

The school is also planning to share a portion of the earnings from the sales of the products with the children as an incentive for the work done.

(Extract from the SATYA SPECIAL SCHOOL leaflet)


N° 6,7,8, E.C.R. Road (Opposite to Siva Vishnu Mahal) Karuvadikuppam Pondicherry 605 008 Cell phone 934 5454449 e.mail: admin@satyaspecialschool.org



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